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Lisa graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). She studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art and the Honolulu Academy of Fine Art. While at SAIC, Lisa worked in collaboration with Emilio Pucci in Rome and Florence, Italy. Italy further enriched her artistic perspective exposing a rich history and culture of Europe. She has worked in publishing, editorial and print industries in France, Germany, and the US. 

Lisa’s next journey is painting and drawing in more of a fine art world. Her paintings showcase a unique blend of classical and contemporary elements often depicting animals and people.

Lisa lives and paints in the foothills near Boulder, Colorado.

Lisa Rivard is an American artist who has worked in the fine art and commercial illustration fields.

Lisa Rivard

Some of Lisa's commercial art clients include: The National Parks, (Alcatraz, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Yosemite, Denali, Grand Canyon, Pikes Peak, Glacier NP, Cliff House, Big Bend, Bryce, Glen Canyon, Kartchner, Lake Tahoe, Mt Rushmore, Muir Woods, Petrified Forest, Rocky Mountain NP, and Sol Duc) among others. Other clients who love Lisa's work are Adobe, Discovery Channel, Minnesota Zoo, Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey, Vail Resorts, and Disney.

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